Smart micromobility fleets

microFleet is a complete micromobility system that includes universal charging stations (OneDock), light electric vehicles, fleet software and support.

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Clean, affordable & fast door-to-door mobility

Micromobility (MM) is super-efficient travel on small vehicles such as electric bikes and scooters.

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Who should FleetSwitch®?

Commercial & residential

End-of-trip facilities and shared MM fleets for offices, apartment buildings, business parks and shopping centres.


Shared MM fleets for councils, universities, government agencies and community groups.


High-capacity cargo cycles for efficient last mile deliveries. We’ve supplied Australia Post since 2009.


Rental fleets for hotels, resorts, boutique accommodation, wineries, rail trails and national parks.

Transport hubs

Public charging and shared fleets at railway stations, bus and ferry terminals, ports and airports.

Our smart technology platform

We provide complete micromobility (MM) fleet solutions

microFleet’s technology platform

  1. Smart Micromobility Hubs – Our smart MM hubs lock, charge and facilitate sharing and rental of any MM vehicle. From spring 2024, we will offer OneDock universal charging stations to automatically lock, charge and share mixed MM fleets of e-scooters and e-bikes. Find out more
  2. Micromobility Vehicles – We offer a range of premium MM vehicles and accessories to match your fleet needs. Alternatively, you can supply your own vehicles. See our vehicle and accessories range.
  3. Fleet Software – users unlock and rent fleet vehicles via the microFleet app on their smartphone. Fleet owners remotely monitor their fleet via the microFleet cloud dashboard. Find out more.
  4. Fleet support – Our complete MM fleet service includes:
    • Design, delivery and installation
    • Product demonstration + rider instruction
    • On-site servicing
    • Rider Rescue breakdown service

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