The Cero One E-Bike Hits the Sweet Spot for Daily Duty

Cycling expert James Huang reviews the Cero One e-bike (known as the Loden One in Australia). This unique compact cargo bike will be available from CargoCraft in autumn 2023. Most are destined for university fleets, so we encourage customers to pre-order theirs now.

Green deliveries in every sense

If you live in inner Melbourne you may have seen Len Goldsmith from Fantastic Plants doing green deliveries on his Chike electric cargo bike. Len runs a brilliant indoor planter box rental service for homes and businesses. Here he is loaded with 10 plants, two planter boxes, a trellis, a ceramic pot and sundry other items.  Len loves […]

Advocates say two-wheeled EVs a cheaper, greener option to de-carbonise transport

bike, electric, setting-1778118.jpg

In the push to decarbonise Australia’s economy, much has been made of the need to transition to electric cars. But advocates say there is a much cheaper and greener EV to consider — the electric bike. While you will likely have to go on a 12-month waiting list and come up with at least $40,000 to buy a new electric […]

HeavyHaul trikes for West Australian industry

Heavy duty trikes are ideal for transporting people, goods, tools and materials safely around industrial sites.  Cargo Craft has built 12 manual HeavyHaul trikes for a gas plant in WA, where sparks from fossil fuel and electric vehicles can create fire and explosion risks.  Our electric HeavyHaul trike can be fitted with up to 4 large batteries […]

Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd joins Battery Stewardship Council

Cargo Craft’s parent company, Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd, is proud to be the first company in the bicycle industry to become a full member of the Battery Stewardship Council.  This means we have committed to collecting all batteries from our light electric vehicles at the end of their useful life for safe recycling. With the […]

CargoCraft rolls out full-service home deliveries across Australia*

Peggy Jones was delighted to receive her Tern GSD e-cargo bike, delivered to her home by our service technician Doug. Doug is one of 40 mobile CargoCraft technicians delivering e-cargo bikes to our customers in capital and regional cities across Australia. “Rather than receiving a partly assembled bike in a box from a remote retailer, […]

Cargo Craft Business Budget Wishlist on ABC News

ABC News asked Cargo Craft what we wanted to see in this year’s federal budget. In brief, we’d like to see support for local manufacturing of light electric vehicles to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

Will war fuel the switch to cheap sustainable transport?

While seeming a world away from the war in Ukraine, Australia isn’t immune from its global impacts, including a sharp rise in fuel prices. To reduce our reliance on international supply chains, it\’s time to unhitch our wagon from oil and switch to cheap, sustainable transport. Here are a few facts to support this proposition: […]