Electric Vehicle Good, E-Bike Better, Cargo E-Bike Even Better

28 September 2022

The CERO One is a solid cargo e-bike that makes every ride feel like fun, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

“One bike that can do almost anything – commutes, trips to the store, daycare drop-off, leisure rides, and more.” So says the e-bike maker CERO, which recently unleashed its CERO One cargo e-bike to the public. It’s all true! CERO One feels like silk in motion to ride, and it also gets your local shopping done. I know, because they lent one to me for a while. 

By Tina Casey

Pre-order the Cero One now (known as the Loden One in Australia) from CargoCraft for delivery in mid-2023. For updates, be sure to subscribe below.

To read the full CERO One review on the CleanTechnica website here.