Fleet software and support

Fleet software

microFleet’s software is driven by industry leader Trackap.

Easy mobile access

Riders unlock and rent fleet vehicles via the microFleet app on their mobile device

Real-time vehicle tracking

Our smart locks use GPS to track vehicle location in real-time, improving vehicle utilisation, reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency

Real-time data analysis + reporting

Fleet owners can access detailed data to improve their fleet operations

High security

We employ high-quality technology and security measures to ensure system stability and safety, preventing malfunctions and data leaks

TrackAp mobile app

Fleet support

Our complete micromobility fleet service includes:

Design, delivery + installation

We work with you to design a micromobility fleet that best meet your needs.

Factors we consider:

  • your organisation’s sustainable transport goals
  • budget
  • available space
  • local topography
  • profile of users
  • purpose, range and frequency of trips

The next steps:

  1. Installing our smart parking and charging hub
  2. Delivering your vehicle fleet
  3. Establishing your software account and registering fleet users and managers

Product demonstration + rider instruction

Once your fleet is commissioned, we demonstrate our software dashboard to your fleet managers and train your riders in safe vehicle handling, vehicle unlocking and battery charging.

On-site parts + service

We have Australia’s largest network of light electric vehicle service technicians, established to maintain Australia Post’s national e-bike fleet. We cover most capital and large regional cities. Our standard agreement includes quarterly services, but we can change service frequency to match your fleet’s duty cycle.

Rider Rescue

We have teamed up with Bicycle Network to provide a Rider Rescue service. Whether you’ve had a mechanical breakdown, injury or you simply can’t go on, Rider Rescue is here to help. We’ll send a vehicle to get you and your bike where you need to go. If you want to go home, to the station or your local bike shop, we’ll help to get you there

Rider Rescue logo
OneDock with vehicles