Introducing microFleet® – the world’s first universal micromobility docking and sharing solution

22 November 2022

Today we are thrilled to officially launch microFleet® – our world-first docking station that automatically locks, safely charges and facilitates sharing of almost any micromobility vehicle.

Over the past decade, micromobility transport (vehicles such as e-bikes and scooters) has risen dramatically due to many benefits, such as:

  • Reduced traffic congestion and emissions
  • Much lower travel time and cost
  • 100 times less energy consumption than motor vehicles
  • Improved health and social connection

However, infrastructure has lagged behind, resulting in fragmented standalone systems that are restricted to specific users, do not integrate with public transport, and result in injuries due to trip and fire hazards from portable chargers.

microFleet® changes all that with a truly universal adaptor that fits more than 95% of all e-bikes, pushbikes, trikes and scooters – including private and fleet vehicles. Its smart network and user app also allows easy ride-sharing and integration with any public transport.

microFleet® is scalable to suit any need from an individual business through to transport hubs, office and apartment buildings, universities, business parks, couriers, tourism and more… the applications are unlimited.

To learn more, visit, contact us or visit us at one of the expos below.

Visit us at an expo

We unveiled microFleet® at the Victorian Cleantech Expo. Come along to our booth on 23 November 2022 to learn more and see our wide range of e-cargo cycles (including the HeavyHaul trike, Chike e-kids, CarryAll e-bike & Loden e-bike).

After lending his expertise to the Future of Transport panel, our Business Development Manager Al Reid also presented microFleet® at the Next Big Thing Cleantech pitching competition. If you missed it, you can download the presentation here.

Our next stop is the Micromobility Conference in Sydney on 25-26 November 2022. This is another great opportunity to learn more about microFleet® and our e-cargo cycles. Al Reid will be giving two presentations that we’ll upload here after the event:

  1. Solutions for Micromobility docking
  2. Delivering the Goods with high-capacity cargo cycles.
E-cargo cycles at the expo
Al Reid at the Micromobility Conference in Sydney