microFleet launches smart micromobility fleets

15 August 2023

We’re pleased to announce we have partnered with Sentinel – a global leader in vehicle-sharing technology – to offer smart micromobility (MM) fleets.

Our comprehensive fleet leasing package includes:

  • Smart MM hubs – Our smart MM hubs lock, charge and facilitate sharing and rental of any MM vehicle. In 2023, we are offering e-bike fleets fitted with Sentinel smart locks. From 2024, we will offer OneDock universal charging stations to automatically lock, charge and share mixed MM fleets of e-scooters, e-bikes, e-trikes and e-quads.
  • MM Vehicles – We offer a range of premium MM vehicles and accessories to match your fleet needs.
  • Fleet software – users unlock and rent fleet vehicles via the microFleet app on their mobile device. Fleet owners remotely monitor their fleet in realtime via the microFleet cloud dashboard.
  • Fleet support: design, delivery and installation, product demonstration, rider instruction, on-site servicing, Rider Rescue breakdown service.

Contact us today to get your fleet rolling.