Passion on display at Pashley

15 August 2023

Pashley have hand built premium pushbikes in the UK since 1926.

We were lucky enough to tour their Stratford-upon-Avon factory recently and witness their skilled technicians at work.

While the rest of the UK bike industry moved offshore, Pashley were rewarded with loyal customers who still appreciate their passion, craftsmanship and unique style.

We can’t wait to receive our first shipment to Australia this September – see the first models available here.

Our customers can also pre-order bikes from Pashley’s full range plus their sister company Moulton, for shipment in 2024.

All Pashley’s frames are hand brazed
Pashley make the Boris Bikes for Transport for London
Pashley’s Traditional Cycle Shop on the banks of the River Avon