Smart Parking & Charging

Our smart Micromobility (MM) hubs lock, charge and facilitate sharing and rental of any MM vehicle.

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Smart docks

(from 2024)

In spring 2024, microFleet will offer OneDock universal smart docks that automatically lock, charge and facilitate sharing of any e-scooter, e-bike, e-trike or e-quadricycle.

The OneDock® platform has two parts:

  1. OneKey universal charging adapter – A smart lock and charging interface fitted to any e-bike, e-trike or e-scooter in 5 minutes. It replaces inconvenient bike locks and portable chargers, and gives every vehicle a unique ID, GPS tracking, RFID and bluetooth communications, and motion detection.
  2. Universal charging dock – Clamps onto OneKey and delivers a safe, remotely monitored charge via a Grin Satiator programmable battery charger.

Docks are modular and can be connected in series to form docking stations of any size and with flexible layouts. They can be fixed to the ground, housed inside secure containers or lockers, or mounted on mobile platforms and quickly relocated to match variable charging demand.

OneDock is Australian-designed and made and will unlock the global potential of smart micromobility fleets.

We’re seeking clients, partners and investors to commercialise OneDock

OneDock with e-bike
OneDock with e-bike and OneKey
OneDock with vehicles

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